Ellátásilánc-menedzsment (angol) MSc 2017

1. The name of the programme: Supply Chain Management

 2. Level of academic degree: master: MSc

 3. Obtained qualification in the diploma: Supply Chain Manager

4. Duration: 4 semesters

5. The necessary credits for acquiring a degree: 120 credits

6. Introduction of the programme

The central feature of the Programme is its integrated approach concerned logistics, business management, and supply chain. The Programme covers a broad range of subject areas in disciplines including logistics, transportation, forwarding,  purchasing, distribution, global economics, decision sciences, research methodology, etc. By the most of the courses students can receive input from ‘experts by experience’ in strong collaboration with the industrial partners of our university. Project-work in small group on real cases is a relevant part of the programme. Beyond the courses trainee programmes, practice-focussed research, student grants, competitions are provided for the students by the academic and business organizations.

Neptun belépés

Oktatásszervezés Eseménynaptára

A Magyar Regionális Tudományi Társaság XV. vándorgyűlése 2017. október 19. - 2017. október 20.
Munkaszüneti nap 2017. október 23.
Elektronikus ZH nap 2017. október 25.
Levelezős konzultációs hétvége 2017. október 27. - 2017. október 28.